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faq 011. Which are the conditions for administration into the unit?

  • Brief history completed by a relative or the attending physician
  • Medical instructions
  • Detailed information mentioned in a private contract, filled during administration

2. How we process the moving to our unit, if our guest is bedridden?

If our future guest is in a public hospital or home, the transfer can be done by public ambulances or by one of the collaborating private ambulances we use.

3. Who can we accommodate in our unit?

  • The unit can accommodate self-handling people seeking for company and a protected environment
  • Moreover, people that cannot take care of themselves, needing specialized medical and nursing care (neurological diseases, senile dementia, Alzheimer's disease, Parkinson's disease, stroke, organic psychosyndrome, frontotemporal dementia)
  • People with pathological problems such as: chronic pulmonary disease, Ca, diabetes, heart problems
  • People with: trachyostomia, gastrostomy, ileostomy and colostomy , Levin, nephropathy, with mechanical support, motor neuron disease
  • Also people with disabilities and orthopedic problems such as: hip fracture, hip arthroplasty, intertrochanteric fracture

faq 024. Who is in our rotation daily?

A doctor available 24 hours
A manager for the nurses
Head of the nursing staff
Nurses Graduates of the Technological and Educational Institute
External cooperating doctors
Auxiliary staff
24 hour security
Security technician

5. What kind of rooms we provide?

We provide rooms with four beds, three beds, two beds or one bed.
All rooms have electric hospital beds, bathroom- wc, autonomous heat & cooling, private telephone with call nurses button, IV pole, pole of traction, private LED TVs 32 inches, balcony.

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6. Is there a kitchen inside the unit?

faq 05The Unit includes a kitchen which is certified by Medical and Public Health Services of Ministry of Health.
Acclaimed chef creates a different menu every day; taking care of the diet of our guests, according to the nutrition that is appointed by the Unit’s doctor.

7. Are the medicines prescribed?

The medicines are prescribed by the doctors of the Unit.

8. What kind of medical tests can be done inside the Unit?

  • Haematological tests
  • Laboratory - Biochemical tests

9. The supplies for personal hygiene are procured by the Unit?

The unit is obliged to provide any kind of consumable medical supplies and personal hygiene supplies
(Levin, conditions, catheters, incontinence diapers, bed pads, sponges, shower gels, shampoos etc.)

10. What happens if a guest needs someone beside him- A private nurse?

The nursing staff of the unit is sufficient to cover any needs at any time 24 hours a day.

11. When can someone visit our Unit to be showed around in our premises?

The visiting hours are 9am to 9pm. Then you can visit people hosted in our Unit, and visit us to show you around in our premises.


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For information & Appointments: 2117106900, Chanion 27 Agios Dimitrios (Mprahami)173 42 - Visiting hours; 09:00-21:00
(visitors must respect the siesta hours, and mealtimes)

Our Unit operates under the supervision of the Southern District of Athens, under the Operations License Number-Protocol Number 3786

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