Our workforce

Our properly trained workforce is consisted of graduated professionals from every required department.

Our high quality workforce is playing very important role in achieving the highest level of services. To make this happen, a specific study that investigated and secured high quality for new partners, has been done, for the most effective performance of theirs strategic objectives.

Our workforce is constantly training on crisis management and other practical matters. Our objective is that each team member should be able to provide at any time and in any guest, the level of personalized care and support that our strategic planning determines.


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For information & Appointments: 2117106900, Chanion 27 Agios Dimitrios (Mprahami)173 42 - Visiting hours; 09:00-21:00
(visitors must respect the siesta hours, and mealtimes)

Our Unit operates under the supervision of the Southern District of Athens, under the Operations License Number-Protocol Number 3786

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